Asthma and Emergency Management

Asthma and Emergency Management in NT Schools is designed to educate all school staff on how to identify and treat asthma in NT Schools. The program is aimed to increase a school staffs confidence & knowledge in supporting students with asthma and to provide a safe environment for those students with asthma in NT schools.

What is covered in the program?

  • What is asthma
  • Signs & symptoms of asthma
  • Signs & symptoms of worsening asthma
  • linked conditions
  • Exercise induced asthma
  • Knowledge of medication –reliever/preventer
  • Knowledge of how to use a puffer & spacer
  • Knowledge of common side effects of medication
  • Knowledge of an Asthma First Aid Plan (including when to call an ambulance)
  • Asthma First Aid
  • Asthma Policies and Guidelines in accordance to the NT Department of Education
  • Duty of Care

Who should attend?

All school staff are recommended to attend the program.

  • Teachers
  • Administration staff
  • Support staff

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