Meet our Board

Our Board of Directors bring their knowledge and passion to help the AFNT be the best it can be and live up to our vision of helping Territorians breathe better.

Board President

Dr Ian Crundall

Ian joined the Asthma Foundation NT board 2004. At various times he has served as the President and Vice President.

Away from the board room he has held senior NT Government positions in Health, Licensing and Justice, with an emphasis on alcohol and other drugs. His work has seen him engage with communities throughout the Territory. The Asthma Foundation NT welcomes the expertise Ian contributes in program development and evaluation, community engagement, research and policy review.

Dr Ian Crundall

Vice President

David Cope

David joined the Asthma Foundation NT board in 2017. David is a Director of Morgan's Financial Darwin having worked for several years as a financial planner serving Territory based businesses and families. David's contribution to the board on matters of HR and sustainable funding has been invaluable.

Board Member

Gabriela de Oliveira

Gabriela joined the Asthma Foundation NT in 2017. Gabriella worked as an intern with the Asthma Foundation NT while training to become an accredited pharmacist.

As a pharmacist she has first hand experience in how empowering knowledge of asthma and proactive management strategies are for individuals and their families. With this experience Gabriela provides a health professional perspective to the board and ensures the strategic and management discussions at board level never loses focus of the Asthma Foundation NT's primary reason for being, helping our community and people living with asthma.

Board Member

Rachael Agha

Rachel joined the Asthma Foundation NT 2018. Rachel has a personal interest in asthma and its management. She was diagnosed with asthma while living in England, when she was 8 years old. Her family's experience of learning to adjust to her diagnosis and how to manage it is one Asthma Foundation NT hears regularly from Territorians.

Rachel is an example of how her asthma didn't stop her from achieving her life goals of travelling and having a successful career. She is currently a Senior Recruitment Consultant specialising in the recruitment of Healthcare and Community Service professionals across the Northern Territory. Her insights into the industry environment and importance of developing a highly skilled team has been invaluable.

Board Member

Trish Crossin

Trish is a former Senator and was the first woman to represent the Northern Territory in the Federal Parliament. Trish is an experienced Board member with a strong background and comprehensive directorship duties on community and government Board appointments, with educational, community and sporting organisations.

Trish has suffered with chronic asthma and bronchiectasis since she was a child so has had a long involvement with Asthma Foundation NT. As a member for more many years, Trish has also been a Board Director and Vice President and was awarded life membership in 2018.She established the Federal Parliamentary Friends of Asthma Group to raise awareness of this disease and its impact on people’s lives.

Board Member

Jan Saunders

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