Managing your asthma

Managing asthma means taking control of your health so that you can live a full and active life. While asthma can’t be cured, we know that for most people it can be well controlled. With the correct knowledge, skills and medication you can achieve anything – don't let asthma stop you!

Tips for managing your asthma

Monitor your asthma symptoms

If you have asthma symptoms more than two days a week, you should see your GP.

Regular asthma reviews by your GP

If asthma is well controlled see your GP for a asthma check-up every 12mths.

Follow your written Asthma Action Plan

An Asthma Action Plan tells us how to recognise worsening asthma, when to increase/decrease medication & when to seek medical help.

Take your asthma medication as prescribed

Always carry your reliever medication (blue/grey puffer) to treat asthma symptoms, if you are prescribed a preventer, take it every day, even when feeling well, to reduce asthma symptoms

Check your device technique

Use your inhalers correctly. Contact Asthma NT, your GP or Pharmacist to check your inhaler technique.

Check your device technique

Know your asthma triggers

A trigger is something that can flare-up your asthma symptoms. Every person with asthma has different triggers. Avoiding triggers, if possible, can help to control asthma.

Maintain a healthy diet

Healthy eating may help with your asthma. Aim for plenty of fruit, vegetables and fish, choose lean meats and reduced-fat dairy foods, and limited foods high in saturated fat (fast food)

Be active

Don't let asthma stop you from being physically active. If you are having symptoms with exercise speak to your GP.

Get your Flu shot

Keep your flu shots up-to-date- speak to your GP or Pharmacist in regards to this.

Avoid cigarette smoke

Smoking and asthma is a dangerous combination. People with asthma and those around them shouldn't smoke

Know Asthma First Aid (4X4X4)

Asthma First aid can save someone's life. Do not wait until your asthma is severe to start first aid and call an ambulance.

Know Asthma First Aid (4X4X4)

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