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Why wear a mask?

Why wear a mask?

"Wearing masks during the COVID outbreak is crucial to reducing the chances of catching and spreading the virus. For many people wearing a mask may be troublesome, especially those who have chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD. Unfortunately, there is no “best mask” for people with asthma and chronic lung conditions. If possible, try on a variety of masks, materials and styles to see what is more comfortable for you. If you don’t feel you can wear a mask, avoid public places as much as possible and ask family/friends to run errands for you. If you must go out avoid large crowds, practice social distancing and regular hand hygiene. Also make sure you are fully vaccinated. This chaotic time has come and will eventually pass, I would just like to see you all well, healthy and happy on the other side of this pandemic."

Gabriela de Oliveira BPharm (hons) AACPA MSHPA MPS | Asthma Educator

“Wearing a mask is uncomfortable, but it is one of the best ways to protect you. Make sure your mask fits correctly, if it is disposable discard as soon as it gets damp. If you have a reusable mask wash it every day. When wearing a mask cover the nose and mouth. People with Asthma, COPD and using oxygen can wear a mask. Wearing a mask does not lead to CO2 intoxication or low oxygen levels.”

Coralie Brannelly PHC Respiratory CNC PHC Specialist Nurse Unit | Top End Health Service

“Overall masks are a really important and effective part of our public health measures to prevent or control the spread of any of the variants of COVID-19, and one we are likely to find ourselves needing to use for a long time to come- mandated or not. We know masks can help protect both the wearer and the people we come in contact with, including those we love and care about.”

Dr Jenny Davis | Lead Medical Educator for Supervisor and Practice Accreditation | Northern Territory General Practice Education

“The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family is to wear your mask, get vaccinated, get tested for symptoms, check-in and wash your hands.”

Minister Natasha Fyles Health Minister Northern Territory Government

Universal mask use can significantly reduce the transmission of Covid 19 in the community by preventing anyone, including those unwittingly carrying the virus, from transmitting it to others. This has never been more relevant in the NT than now, during this latest wave of omicron infections. Together with social distancing, vaccination and following public health advice, we can all do our bit to protect our loved ones and our community.”

Dr Edwina Biancardi BSc, MBBS, FRACP Respiratory and Sleep Physician Royal Darwin Hospital

“COVID-19 has arrived in the Territory, and we need to protect all Territorians particularly those most vulnerable in our community -by simply wearing a mask, washing our hands, social distancing and getting vaccinate we can achieve this. Masks are uncomfortable and my glasses fog up but its better then catching or spreading COVID.”

Leanne Elliott-Holmes Executive Manager AFNT

“Wearing a mask and washing your hands is about showing consideration to others, not about control or spreading fear. You never know if the person you walk past has severe asthma or a weak immune system. While the case numbers are high, we ask you to please look out for others and try to reduce the spread.”

Dr Simon O'Hare Advanced Trainee Acute & General Medicine Royal Darwin Hospital

“We need to wear masks to protect each other and now more importantly in this pandemic – we can’t see airborne germs, so we need to keep each other safe and maintain hand hygiene.”

Chronic Disease Unit Royal Darwin Hospital | Top End Health Service

“Many people in our community are more vulnerable to severe complications from COVID-19 including people with cardiovascular disease. These people have a higher risk of needing to go to hospital, and of dying. It’s important for everyone to follow recommended public health advice, such as wearing a face mask, physical distancing, and handwashing. Wearing a mask is an important way to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community.”

Le Smith Manager NT & Executive Lead, Equity Heart Foundation

"Talking, breathing, coughing and singing makes us expel and disperse particle droplets. Simply, by wearing a mask it assists in filtering out particles from inhaled and exhaled air. Wearing a mask reduces the chance of giving or receiving an infection. Keeping 1.5 meters from others, good hand hygiene and wearing a mask are our first line of defence and something that we can all do to protect ourselves and our community."

So do your bit and mask up now.

Dr Hugh Heggie PSM NT Chief Health Officer

"It’s a small ask to wear a mask 😊! The mask you wear protects others, the mask others wear protects you. Please help to keep everyone safe"

Anne Kemp Chief Executive Officer healthy Living NT

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