Asthma in your Mate - Free program

Asthma in your mate is design to teach school students of all ages the importance of being asthma aware and how they can help a mate, family member or a team member having an asthma flare-up/attack, whether it be at school, park, home or sporting field.

What's covered in the presentation?

  • Asthma in Australia: 1 in 9, can occur at any age, no cure, serous condition, death rate (depending on age of students)
  • Famous people with asthma: not letting asthma stop us! Stressing the importance of managing asthma to achieve.
  • What is asthma? use of airways models
  • Signs & symptoms: identifying asthma in -yourself, family member or mate
  • Medications: stress the importance of the reliever medication (blue/grey puffer)
  • Puffer & spacer: how and why we use a spacer.

Asthma triggers

  • cold/flu -how we can stop the spread of germs at school
  • exercise
  • other triggers

Who should attend?

All school students should attend.

  • Primary Students
  • Middle School Students
  • High School Students

Who should attend?

Asthma Emergency Role Play

  • Asthma Emergency Kit (ask if they know were the AEK are kept)
  • How we recognise an asthma flare-up? (role play)
  • What puffer do we use in an emergency?
  • Steps of asthma first aid -who do we tell (teacher/grown up)
  • leaving the person alone
  • Calling 000 - what we need to tell the ambulance (asthma attack, address etc)

  • All students will receive an Asthma In Your Mate certificate

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